Arctic Fox. Baffin Island April 2018. Canon 5DS R.  560mm. f/5.6. 1/2500 sec. ISO 200

Two Tigers. Tadoba, India. April 2016.  Canon 7D Mark II. 300mm plus 1.4x ext.  f/5.6. 1/400 sec. ISO 400.

Blue headed Agama & bee.  Kenya, Masai Mara. October 2016. Canon 1DX.  300mm plus 1.4x ext. f/4.0. 1/5000 sec. ISO 2000

Arctic fox. Baffin Island, April 2018. Canon 5DS R. 420mm. f/5.6. 1/2500 sec. ISO 200

Giraffe & friend.  Masai Mara, Kenya. December 2016.  Canon 7D Mark II. 360mm. f/5.6. 1/640 sec. ISO 500.  

Impalas on the run. Masai Mara, Kenya.  March 2017. Canon 1DX. 200mm. f/5.0. 1/13th sec. ISO 100. 

Arctic Fox.  Baffin Island. April 2018.  Canon 5DS R. 420mm. f/5.6. 1/2000 sec. ISO 200.

New born Giraffe welcomed to the world.  Masai Mara, Kenya. January 2016. Canon 7D Mark II. 200mm. 1/800 sec. f/5.0. ISO 100. 

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